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We realize all the importance and responsibilities of the accounting process. We just need your trust at the beginning ,later we will prove the correctness of your decision with our professionalism and high performance. We are honored to suggest accounting services to your company. At the same time you can see the list of activities below, which are implemented within the framework of accounting maintenance. Providing bookkeeping software- Microsoft Dynamics 365, Arm. Software, 1C, QuickBooks Online, Xero. Building a bookkeeping system due to the Company's accounting policy. Identifying and calculating taxes for different transactions. Maintenance of accounting with regards to Debtor/Creditor, assets, liabilities. Tax compliance with regards tax and other returns. Preparing and submitting appropriate reports to the relevant authorities. Payroll calculations. Preparation of Customer’s employees’ time-sheet and salary statement.

Remote Accounting

The key of successful business is to find qualified products with the best price. Business activities always need to be studied to clarify your advantages and disadvantages at that moment. Among our scope of services we are ready to provide remote accounting and financial management services. Due to our services you will have the opportunity to follow you business finances frequently and online, find out issues quickly and in time, as well as, register the key competences of business and develop them.Our main services include: Creating financial management system, which meets the best needs for your business Registering and treating your business activities due to your financial management policy 24/7 online access to your company's financial statements. If you have the right financial tools, then you can lead your business in the right way, and we are always here to support.

Tax Consulting

Our tax specialists provide advice either on a standalone basis or as a part of a larger transaction. We orient on tax saving strategy upon any assignment we do even if the clients’ expectations concern another aspect of the transaction. We offer services on all types of taxes in the following areas: Whether the company needs to optimize taxes or needs to avoid double taxation, we provide a one-stop shop for the latter. We always improve our knowledge and experience to be ready to find all solutions to the issues in the scopes of our consultancy. The main direction of our consultancy is mentioned below: Consulting regarding tax treatments Consulting about any aspects of company taxation within framework of relevant legislation Financial strategy consulting Financial planning and investment consulting.

Tax and Financial Audit

Your company always needs financial planning & controlling, when transforming to the next level of its development. Our services include: Auditing all the main activities of the business Creating tools for planning & controlling Establishing business key performance indicators(KPI) Creating and establishing appropriate statements. All companies in the stage of their development have a moment, after which there is a need to have a financial/management system. With the latest software and knowledge we are ready to offer the financial planning & controlling system of your company, which will make the business management easy and effective.

Financial Management

We consider if the company aims to be competitive in this technological world with the day-by-day developing information technology, it should also have a strong, innovative and effective functioning financial management system to determine the right goals and the most effective ways to get the respective achievements. To raise the effectiveness of financial management, we offer the following services. Creating or improving a company's budget. Improving the financial activities from the side of revenue and costs. Establishing or implementing a company's financial controlling system. Providing bookkeeping software- Microsoft Dynamics 365, Arm. Software, 1C, QuickBooks Online, Xero. Using the professionalism of our team, as well as technological new achievements (software and effective solutions), we are reaching the mentioned result in the shortest possible time, implementing the above mentioned services which include complex activities of financial treatment.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The world of business needs to be flexible for changes and transformations. That means that there can be no excuse for a loss when doing business. Thus even if any unexpected things happen and affect your business in a negative way – no excuses can be made. Examples begin with a situation when a company has ineffective management issues. Team conflict is pulling company’s results down; business strategy is failing or another major financial event, crisis or unfortunate decision is holding you back or any previous decision made by your company backfiring. Also it can include such bad scenarios as a merger or acquisition gone wrong and trickling company management too much; marketing research targeting the wrong audience resulting in money loss or failure of company’s top managers in governing over your team etc. All of that hurts your overall performance and position on the market. But hold on, we will help your business out! Our professional consulting services span across any business industry out there. We work with a mission on dealing with any event or decision that causes your company to lose money.

Remote CFO Services

Professional remote CFO is a guarantee to succeed.

The CFO is a financial manager/controller who handles everything relating to financial management, financial planning, financial reporting and tax compliance. Prima Finance provides comprehensive outsourced remote CFO services to support your business qualified and efficient financial management. Our services include but are not limited to:
Cash flow Management
• Account receivable and account payable management • Revenue and cost mapping /financial budgeting
• Financial Indicators Calculation and Analysis
• Developing accurate financial operations
• Automation of Financial reporting
• ERP set up and Implementation
• Integrate tech for finance

Having qualified outsourced CFO services on board you will be position for strong and stable growth, if NOT; there will be the clear identification of the problems.

Financial Management Back Office Services

  • Billing Services
  • Revenue Cylce Management
  • account receivable and account payable management

Remote Financial Services 

Billing Services
It includes quality billing services and ensures that the bills are submitted on time and with the correct information. Tracking the bill submission processes and ensuring the process of correctly entering the information to avoid delays.

Revenue Cycle Management

We can provide services to submit claims in a timely manner and ensure that we follow up on each of the claims to maximize Companies' reimbursements. The services will support the companies to improve their cash flow, reduce operational costs, boost their revenue.

Billing Charge Entry
We can create a streamlined and structured process for billing charge entry. This process ensures that we check all the cost-related data for accuracy of the data.

Accounts Receivable Management
Consistent follow-up for faster reimbursements and to maintain a constant cash flow. The team of AR specialists can perform with efficient AR management services which will ensure the companies get their reimbursements on time. Above mentioned two types of services are the summary description of the services we are doing for the company I was telling you about.

Following the directions that we can develop and start with as well, these are new for us, but we can consider these services as well
  • Coding Services It is very important to have accurate coding services for healthcare providers. We can provide companies with accurate and completely error-free coding services. 
  • Data Analysis We can provide clients with detailed data analysis services and help them to identify and rectify any incorrect information. Our support will help in accelerating the claim reimbursements of the costs.

If you have any questions, order a free conversation with our consultant


+374 (93) 44 04 07